Promotional Ceremony & 25 Year of Service Recognition
By Captain Sam Homsi
April 9, 2024

On Tuesday, April 9th, 2024, it was a bustling evening for our volunteers at the Westerly Fire Department, with 47 of our members coming together.

We began the night by honoring Past Lt. Dwayne Baker for his 25 years of commendable service and Life Membership. Thank you, Dwayne!

The event continued as we welcomed family members and friends to celebrate the Westerly Fire Department Promotional Ceremony. During this ceremony, Chief Mackay acknowledged several well-deserved appointments made by The Board of Engineers that were effective 01/01/24.

Lieutenant Ed Haik was promoted to Captain, with his wife Sue and son Marcus by his side. Captain Haik was pinned by his wife.

Firefighter Eric Fallon was promoted to Lieutenant, accompanied by his son Luke. Lt. Fallon was pinned by Lt. Doug Henderson.

Firefighter Brandon Fricke was also promoted to Lieutenant, joined by his father and former Captain, Scott, his stepmother Samantha, and his brother Scott. Lt. Fricke was pinned by his father.

Congratulations to all and best wishes in your new roles!