This Month (May) in WFD History
May 11, 2017

5-30-1895-An alarm of Fire was sounded for a fire in the Krebs Block on Main St.

5-9-1899-An alarm of fire was sounded for a fire at the Pierce Residence (Corner of Pierce and Pond Sts) for a barn fire.

5-11-1910-Box 57 sounded at 2220 hrs for a fire in the Barber Memorial Building (Perks & Corks) on High St/ Damage was estimated at $45,000.00, a substantial loss for this era.

5-8-1933-Box 33 sounded for a forest fire off the Old Potter Hill Road. Fire burned a number of acres.

5-5-1937-Box 33 sounded for a large brush fire along the Westerly-Charlestown line for over 1800 acres with 2 mile wide swath. Members of Civilian Conservation Corps pressed into service to aid local firefighters.

5-6-1940-Box 27 sounded for a house fire at 36 Highland Ave.

5-14-1941-Box 45 sounded for a fire at the Gallup residence 8 Beach St.

5-22-1943-Box 41 sounded for a house fire at 141 Main St.

5-11-1945-Box 41 sounded for a basement fire at 11 Maple Ave.

5-7-1949-Box 42 sounded for a garage fire at 47 Elm St. garage suffered heavy damage.

5-9-1952-Box 41 sounded for a fire at the R.A Sherman Co. 4 Firefighters were hurt.

5-17-1952-Box 41 sounded for a fire at C.J Butler Coal Co. at 149 Main St. Fire was suspicious. Arsonist later apprehended.

5-27-1954-Box 4111 sounded in the early afternoon for a fire on the railroad trestle over the Pawcatuck River. The fire was discovered by a Westerly Police officer. Pawcatuck was summoned ot their side of the bridge by Box 46. Both departments attacked the fire from their respective sides. The fire was caused by a braking train.

5-2-1957-Box 33 sounded at 1045 hrs for a forest fire in Charlestown. Local firefighters were not recalled until 1745 hrs that evening.

5-2-1960-Box 33 sounded at 1230 hrs for mutual aid to Pawcatuck for a gas explosion and house fires at 29 Pawcatuck Ave. Westerly and Wequetequock provided assistance.

5-22-1960-Box 1125 sounded at 2125 hrs for a fire at the Main St. Shopping Center. The box stuck and fire apparatus returning from a false alarm were redirected to Main St. by Westerly Police. 5 Shops were severely damaged and 5 firefighters were hurt. Pawcatuck provided an engine and ladder to assist.

5-18-1964-Box 3124 sounded at 1525 hrs for a garage fire that extended to a 3 story house.

5-11-1967-Box 33 sounded for a large brush fire on Big Hill in Bradford. Westerly assisted Bradford and Dunn's Corners.

5-12-1970-Box 17 sounded at 1915 hrs for mutual aid to Dunn's Corners for a large barn at the Langworthy Farms. 1 Westerly engine responded.

5-7-1971-Box 2214 sounded for a large brush fire off Watch Hill Road. Mutual aid provided by all local area departments. 30 acres was scorched.

5-15-1974-Boxes 612 and 3131 sounded at 1115 hrs for a fire that did extensive damage to the Immaculate Conception Church on High St. Pawcatuck provided 1 engine.

5-30-1976-Box 12 sounded at sounded at 1315 hrs for mutual aid to Watch Hill for a fire at Treasure Hill on Kidd's Way. Westerly sent a full response. Mutual aid also provided by Misquamicut and Dunn's Corners. Extensive damage done to the roof and top floor.

5-10-1977-Boxes 3222 and 3232 sounded at 2130 hrs for a fire at the Celico's Furniture Westerly-Bradford Rd.

5-26-1982-Box 535 sounded at 1830 for a structure fire 88 1/2 High St.

5-12-1985-Box 541 sounded at 0152 hrs for a structure fire at Westone Pre-School on Beach St.

5-9-1986-Boxes 4115 and 4121 sounded at 0235 for a fire at the Calabrese Club on Pleasant St. Mutual aid from Pawcatuck. Building completely destroyed.

5-31-1989-Box 1144 sounded for a boat fire at Pier 65 Marina 65 Margin St.

5-23-1992-Boxes 324 and 1124 sounded at 0634 hrs for a porch fire at The Elms, 22 Elm St. Fire began in mulch beds and extended to the porch.

5-12-2000-Box 1243 sounded at 2051 hrs for a garage fire at 44 East Ave. 3 firefighters hurt when hose line burst.

5-3-2001-Box 1231 sounded at 0426 hrs for a structure fire in a 2 1/2 story house at 69 Cross St. Elderly women pulled fro m home by Westerly Police. Fire extended from 2nd floor to attic and roof. Mutual aid provide by Pawcatuck. Home also had oxygen tanks on premises.

5-8-2005-Box 18 sounded at 0300 hrs for mutual aid to Bradford. Fire in the Chem room at BDA. Engine 2 and Ladder 1 respond with additional units from the area.

5-15-2007-Box 18 sounded at 1814 hrs for mutual aid to Bradford for a mill Fire at BDA. Fire involved a large section of the mill and the mill roof. Extensive mutual aid from southern Rhode Island and southeastern Connecticut. At one point over 250 firefighters, 2 canteen units, RI EMA Mobile Command Post and over 92 pieces of apparatus called. 8 Aerial ladders in operation at one point. Large EMS presence.

5-27-2015-Box 13 sounded at 1604 hrs for mutual aid to Pawcatuck for a fire on third floor of Clark Thread Mill, Northeast Marine Liquidators section. Westerly responded with Engines 12 and 4 and Ladder 1. Extensive mutual aid from area departments and the Mystic FD fire boat. Fire confined to area of origin with damage to some roof members.