Structure Fire - 25 Whipple Ave
By Asst Chief Fusaro
November 7, 2022

At approximately 2353 on Monday November 7, Westerly Dispatch received a call reporting a possible structure fire at 25 Whipple Ave. Upon arrival of fire units it was determined that at least five outside fires had extended to fencing between 25 and 27 Whipple Ave as well as the deck of 25 Whipple Ave. All occupants were evacuated by police prior to the fire department's arrival. When apparatus arrived 2 1 3/4 hose lines were stretched and operated on the fence fire threatening a garage at 27 Whipple Ave and the deck at 25 Whipple Ave. Water supply was established from a hydrant on Whipple Ave. Extension to 25 Whipple Ave was halted and overhaul of a large section of deck was completed. The house at 25 suffered heat damage to siding but the fire did not enter it. The garage at 27 was not damaged. A vehicle in the driveway was moved but suffered heat damage to the taillights. The RI Fire Marshal was called in to investigate the cause. Units cleared at 0113.