This Month (March) WFD History
March 17, 2017

March 1884 Alert Hook & Ladder Co. # 1 formed

March 25, 1900- Mutual Aid to Pawcatuck Elionsky Shoe Store West Broad St.

March 13,1932- Box 64 Pearl And High Sts, for a fire in the Turco home.

March 25, 1938-Box 33 (Out of District), 20 acres of brush burnt at corner of Potter Hill Rd and Varietyville Rd (Canal St)

March 14, 1947-Box 33- Mutual Aid to Hope Valley, Hope Valley Grain Elevator destroyed, Fox responded. Additional mutual aid from Wakefield, Peacedale, Ashaway, Richmond- Charlestown fire departments.

March 28, 1951-Box 39-Ledward Ave, 50 acres of brush burned, several homes threatened.

March 22, 1956-Box 1122-0520- Mohican Market 43 Broad St. Explosion and fire damages market n first floor, Heavy smoke and water damage to upper floors, 3 bakers escape fire through back door window. Alarm sounded three separate times from Box 1122.

March 29, 1963-Box 4111-1125-Railroad bridge over Pawcatuck River on fire. PFD attacked from thei side of the river.

March 26, 1973-Box 16-2230-Mutual Aid Dunn's Corners-Structure fire at Nicol residence, 3 young girls killed.

March 14, 1975-Box 3111-2230-Potter-Langworthy Buiding High & Canal- 3 Story Commercial building heavy fire. Mutual Aid form Pawcatuck, Watch Hill, Dunn's Corners, Misquamicut, Wequetequock, Westerly Ambulance and Rescue. Building destroyed.

March 26, 1978-Box 534-0010-Williard's Hardware 65 High St. Heavy fire from rear and roof. Mutual aid from Pawcatuck, Wequetequock, Watch Hill, Dunn's Corners, Misquamicut, and Westerly Ambulance and Rescue.

March 17, 1979-Box 13-1900-Mutual Aid to Pawcatuck, 127 West Broad St. 2 Engines for 3 Story former rooming house.

March 18, 1986-Box 4113-2140 Moore's on Canal St. Fire in machine extended into duct work roof and elevator shaft. Mutual Aid from Pawcatuck, Hope Valley for Air Supply, And Westerly Ambulance and Rescue.

March 21, 1994-Box 3112-1230-17 Railroad Ave, McDonald's Furniture (vacant) Fire on 2nd floor.

March 8,1998-Box 1124-1808-67 Elm St fire in 3 story home. Fire on 2nd floor extended to 3rd floor and attic.

March 2, 2003-Box 1252-0520-Granite St Shopping Center, Suburban Cleaners, dryer fire, Heavy smoke, fire confined to dryer.

March 13, 2007-Box 18-1841-Mutual Aid to Ashaway, 29 Maxson St. 2 Engines responded (2&4).

March 29, 2010-Box 3141-45 Granite St Structure fire fire confined to room and contents 1st floor.

March 30, 2010-Flood of 2010, Department members performed numerous rescues and evacuations in North End, pump out details and numerous other emergencies.

March 22, 2013-Boxes 735 and 1112-1936-1-7 Commerce St. Fire on third extended to common attic. Mutual Aid from Pawcatuck, Old Mystic FAST team with Dunn's Corners providing coverage.

March 20, 2016-Box 13-1120-Mutual Aid to Pawcatuck, 47 Moss St. Fire from basement extended to 3rd floor via back stairs. Engine 1, Ladder 1 and Special Hazards for air supply.