This Month (November) in WFD History
By Asst. Chief Joseph Fusaro
October 31, 2020

November 1, 1875-Dr. Benjamin Babcock’s Barn.

November 6, 1882-Pawcatuck Soap Factory and Grist Mill.

November 24, 1924-Box 56-0130-Briggs Building Main and Broad St.

November 30, 1932-Box 24-38 Grove Ave.

November 20, 1934-Box 63-1400-12 West St.

November 16, 1942-Box 47-1150-Brush fire 50 acres between Beach and East Ave.

November 7, 1947-Box 47-2215-69 Margin St. damage to basement and 1st floor.

November 26, 1949-Fire truck damaged in accident at Elm & Cross responding to alarm cars racing firetruck to alarm.

November 6, 1950-Box 75-0600-25 Pierce St. Westerly Fruit & Produce Co. gutted (currently Limiro's).

November 6, 1950-Box 52-1745-Main St. Shoe Hospital, 2 sheds, tenement house damaged/PFD, MFD, NSFD, HVFD. Hand pumper Star destroyed.

November 30, 1950-Box 47-1145-91 Beach St. Fred Mitchell house gutted, heavy damage to the rear rooms.

November 12, 1952-Box 22-1458 -9 Granite St. Dr. Champlin’s house chimney fire extends to roof.

November 6, 1954-Box 1122-2259-48 Main St, building gutted total loss; 1 fatality due to smoke inhalation.

November 5, 1955-Box 1432-0710-10 Charles St kitchen fire, moderate damage.

November 11, 1956-Box 1254-1102-Dr Scibilia’s house fire enters blind attic; recall 1305.

November 1, 1957-Box 1123-0702-100 Main St, Morrone’s paint shop destroyed, fire was started to demolish the building unbeknownst to the fire department.

November 12, 1963-Box 4252-1500-76-77 White Rock Rd, house fire, fire confined to 1st floor.

November 8, 1965-Box 4122-1145-High St, roof fire.

November 25, 1965-Box 2224-0011-Watch Hill Rd, house fire, unoccupied.

November 24, 1969-Box 3143-0425-UBS lumber Yard, 30 Oak St, Box car on siding.

November 10, 1971-Box 3111-1145-Bond Hotel, 82 High St. Fire in 3rd floor partition.

November 18, 1971-Box 4113-0045-71 Pleasant St, house fire, LaPere residence.

November 20, 1972-Box 1321-2245-85 Wells St, Keena Farm, barn fire.

November 3, 1976-Box 4115-1600-Guild Musical, car and transformer fire.

November 4, 1977-Box 4125-0855-Structure fire, 4 Mountain Ave.

November 7, 1977-Box 4535-0625-Structure Fire, Potter Hill Mill, AFD WAC, AAA, Lines placed in river.

November 24, 1980-Box 4532-0020-59 Potter Hill Rd, heavy damage to living room.

November 24, 1980-Box 4134-0240-Route 78 Tractor trailer fire, trailer and contents destroyed.

November 21, 1983-Box 4414-Villa Trombino, 112 Ashaway Rd, fire on two floors.

November 20, 1984-Box 3223-1535- Harrison Ave, Boeniger residence.

November 21, 1984-Box 3221-0009-Harrison Ave, Boeniger residence.

November 9, 1988-Box 325-2054-Washington Trust Co, 19 Broad St fire in basement incinerator room.

November 20, 1988-Box 2241-1257-Avondale Boatyard, Avondale Rd, boat fire.

November 19, 1991-Box 4111-2221-Friendship St Rail yard, box car fire.

November 8, 1994-Box 4113-1624-47 Canal St, 2 story, 2 family dwelling, 1st floor gutted, 2nd floor smoke damage.

November 14, 1996-Box 1328-Westerly State Airport, Airport Rd, Plane with no landing gear.

November 25, 1996-Box 4162-1429-17 Woodland Terrace, left side 2 story duplex, 2nd floor room and contents.

November 6, 2002-Box 1325-0041-Coldwell Banker Realtors 29 Post Rd. fully involved on arrival; PFD Ladder truck.

November 7, 2002-Box 4414-1105- 17 Boy Scout Dr. heavy fire in A-frame.

November 25, 2003-Box 1327-1435-Cimini & Associates, 46 Airport Rd. collector fire.

November 3, 2006-BOX 4225-2042-19 Lorraine Rd. Structure fire, 1 story ranch, heavy damage.

November 21, 2010-Box 4116-1031-10 Pond St, Structure fire, vacant 2 story dwelling, 2nd floor, 1 room & contents.

November 22, 2011-Box 18-0413-Mutual Aid Ashaway, 15 Gray Lane Hopkinton Industrial Park Hazmat incident, Decon unit requested.

November 9, 2014-Box 4113-0309-24 & 26 Canal St. Vacant 3 story structure, fire spread to Exposure B -2 story commercial antique store 25 x 100, Exposure A suffered significant heat damage as well as all utility lines in front of building of origin. E1-4, L1,31-34 Mutual aid provided by PFD Engines 41 & 45, Ladder 45, DCFD Engine 4 & Tower 5, AFD Engine 414 WHFD Engine 102.

November 27, 2015-Box 1346-0346-15B Apache drive, 2 story 10-unit condominium, fire in first floor apt B, started by cooking hash oil, extension to 2nd floor and attic. E1-4, L 1, E43, T45, DCFD to Cover, WAC.

November 2, 2019-Box 15-1227-Mutual Aid Misquamicut, 7 Oceanrise Dr. 2 ½ story wood frame single-family house. Fire on second extended to third floor. Ladder 1, 31, & 34 responded. Additional aid provided by Watch Hill, Dunn’s Corners, and Westerly Ambulance.